This weekend Hackastory

differently skilled students and professionals work together to produce a (rough) prototype of a story experience in VR

Into the darkness
As some participants will touch on virtual reality for the first time while others have some experience already, we thought it would be fitting to work with the following theme: darkness.
Darkness as a metaphor for a leap of faith, working with new technology and new people in a new work setting (hackathon!). Not knowing what will happen. Darkness, because it is Halloween the coming weekend and darkness, because virtual reality actually is a black box experience. A digital nothingsness which you can fill up with stories, designs, sensations and perspectives.
We have two VR stories Assent and Clouds for you on display during the hackathon to get inspired more broadly about darkness. The first is about a dark chapter in Chilean history, the second about the future of creativity at a time when algorithms play an important role in shaping culture.
Participants are free to riff on the theme, take it anywhere they like. Imagine whatever: from horror, to a short story on blindness or maybe a freestyle datavisualisation.
A work that inspired us is LoVR by Aaron Bradbury. You can actually download it yourself. It’s a 6 minute VR experience about the moment you fall in love told through neural activity captured over 4 seconds.
Read the summary of his project here, the long version here. You can download it here.

//What to expect
A hackathon is a 'pressure cooker'-work model in which you have a limited amount of time, a focused goal and traditionaly very little sleep. 

Hackastory found out that the combination of good food and some sleep worked much better. Therefore we redefined hackathon more as a two-day work-hard weekend in which you only take as much sleep as needed and still getting things done. Slight diference, same fun!

It is very tempting to imagine whole feature projects or elaboratie immersive worlds. We know the feeling. But we truly believe that not only digital monoliths will not propel the field further, but tiny story sketches wrapped up in experiments do.
The aim of the weekend is a short VR experience, maybe just one minute or so. Consider it a postcard you send to your dog. 

The results will be linked/hosted at www.hackastory.com

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