WKNDX: Pursuit of the Ungraspable

Featuring Doris Hardeman, Anna Lotte Peperkamp, Katerina Sidorova & Debbie Young

Starting in September a new season WKNDX & kicking off with Doris Hardeman, Anna Lotte Peperkamp, Katerina Sidorova and Debbie Young, all graduated students of KABK in The Hague and working within the realm of sculpture, painting and video art. 

Their work will form a unique dialogue in the space, all relating thematically yet telling their story in a way authentic to each of the artists.


Visualizing narratives 

There tends to be a balance between the sculptural and painterly approach, all showing strong appreciation for the physicality of material. Multiple images and mediums all are intertwined forming a complex cross-referencial scape. As a collective, all the above-mentioned artists hold an interest in visualizing narratives – a different form of language is attempted in order to communicate their work to the viewer. Forever searching for definitions, looking for something that is not there right now.


The participating artists  

Doris is trying to unravel why and how we humans take part towards our surroundings. She aims to create poetic environments using elements recognizable from nature.

Anna Lotte has an affection for materials who show a brief moment or a memory or an act of the human. Her works are flirting with the viewer. They are not always showing the real. Her work states the real is irrelevant, because time will change the essence of it.

Katerina focusses on the flaws of imperfect mankind. Armed with eyes, damned with reason, struggling with what is given, yet terrified of what is yet to be found, the man marches the world, knowing then unknowing again.

Changing through time, carefully surrounding, embracing, her works are to serve as bedtime stories for the frightened man. Much of Debbie's oeuvre considers humour as a powerful communicator to the viewer - delving into existential observations of absurd human pastimes.

Like the Modernists, they strive for a rediscovery of the romantic; whilst remaining honest to theirselves. A pursuit of the ungraspable. 

All together the works will form the symbioses of a 3, 4, 5, 6dimensional painting, blurring the borders between painterly and sculptural, allowing viewer to get lost both in the physicality of the objects and the forever ungraspable sense of it all.