WKNDX: Doris Sparreboom

All we have is time: installations, videos and sculptures

Doris is fascinated by the everyday life; she likes to observe the world around her. As she realizes people often forget how beautiful our daily life can be, she wants to draw attention to the beauty of it. Sometimes she likes to focus on the seemingly boring things, for example waiting or having breakfast.

Doris works on installations, videos and sculptures. From the various media she uses one can recognizes consistencies in her subjects and her fascination for material. She questions the way how materials are normally used, and strives to use them in a fresh, unconventional style. Most of Doris’ works are executed in a minimalistic style and it shows only the necessary aspects. She believes the making process and the aesthetics of a work has the equal importance to a good concept.

Doris Sparreboom (b. 1993 Rotterdam, NL) is a Rotterdam based visual artist who studied Fine Art at the Willem de Kooning Academy. In September 2016 she will start with the Master Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam. Her works have been on show in different group exhibitions, among which a show in Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

16 september vanaf 19:30 t/m 18 september (13:00 tot 17:00u)


Schermafbeelding 2016-08-15 om 14.40.30-1