Are you ready for disturbance?

Vrijdag 26 september zal een avond worden vol met stevige punkrock en metal

Are You Ready For Disturbance?

Vrijdag 26 september zal een avond worden vol met stevige punkrock en metal.
De avond belooft lokale bands die voor extra stevig plezier zullen zorgen. Vier bands staan geprogrammeerd, in muziekgengre gevarieerd van punkrock tot en met metal.

Appendix zal de avond openen en het publiek flink opwarmen met hun punkrock muziek. Daarna zal Mistral afkomstig uit Tilburg het podium betreden. De bands brengen "schizofrene metal" ten gehore. Net warm terug van de Europese tour zal The Mad Baron de metal opvolgen door een bak vol progressieve metal. Als afsluiter zal de bekende punkrock band Dowzer het podium betreden en de avond goed afsluiten.

Kortom is deze avond de perfecte manier om je weekend stevig te beginnen!

Een kleine kennismaking..


Dowzer is out there since forever! To be precise this band started in 2007 near the city of Breda (NL). After playing an amount of shows in and outside the Netherlands and putting out records, Dowzer is ready to take on the world! Their last record was released by Waterslide Records in Japan and some of the songs also ended up on compilations around the globe. Currently the band is working hard on a new full length, influenced by a wide range of music. No, we don’t mean from fusion jazz to death grind, but from good old ’94 melodic punkrock to the poppunk of today! Put that together with solid lyrics about personal issues and a view on society and the newest Dowzer record will be a fact later on this year. Giving it a 110 percent on stage is the icing on the cake and who doesn’t like cake?

Website: http://www.dowzerpunkrock.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dowzerpunkrock


The Mad Baron are a progressive metalband hailing from the Netherlands.
Half from Breda and half from Utrecht, The Mad Baron is a genre-defying band that brings a lot of different influences together in an energetic ballad of layered sounds. Influenced by a variety of different artists and bands (Tool, Karnivool, Opeth, Emperor, Periphery , Beatles).

The Mad Baron just returned from an Europe tour and are happy to return to the stage in the Netherlands.



Be warned, there is a storm coming and it will tear up everything in sight. Weather forecasts predict; Mistral is going to destroy everything within a hundred mile radius with a schizophrenic mix that contains a downpour of sick metal. Look outside and see what this 5-headed monster has coming for you. Mistral was born in Tilburg, the Netherlands, early 2013. This hurricane of metal styles is ready to be unleashed upon the world. Everything from a headbanging menace to atmospheric flows are thrown into your face at breakneck speeds. So bow your heads and raise your fists to the sky, there is no outrunning this tempest.



In April 2010 Arjan decided, after six years of rocking the drums, to quit the band. Playing his last show at the 9th edition of their own Hoefslag Festival. After a very short search the band found a new drummer. Igino is his name, father of a little boy and... from now on the drummer of Appendix, making the band complete again.

Appendix is a band that likes to perform on stage and got quite some experience doing it. Small pubs or big festivals, the guys from Appendix dont care. As long as they can rock!



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